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Tue, Sep. 27th, 2011, 06:57 pm
0klman: The Recording Academy And RocketHub Present Crowdfunding At Grammy GPS In Memphis

The Recording Academy (internationally renowned for the GRAMMY Awards) has partnered with RocketHub to organize and deliver an expert panel discussion on crowdfunding, fan-funding, and micro-patronage.
This innovative event will empower musicians and those in the music industry with the knowledge to leverage their existing network of fans for funds, awareness, and authentic feedback. It will be part of the Memphis Grammy GPS: A Roadmap For Today’s Music Biz.
RocketHub Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Meece sums it up as "a new spin on an established idea: Beethoven + Social Media = Crowdfunding for the modern musician. Welcome to the re-birth of patronage.”
The panel will include RocketHub Co-Founder and CTO, Vladimir Vukicevic, who will discuss the current crowdfunding marketplace, the ins-and-outs of successful crowdfunding projects, and future trends in this burgeoning movement.